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Add value to your property and have the garden room you always promised yourself.

Garden Room Uses

Concrete garden rooms are revolutionising home extensions, offering tailor-made spaces for various activities. Professionals can find solace in a garden office, blending productivity with nature’s calm. For the artistically inclined, the garden music studio and garden art studio provide inspiration from the surrounding greenery.

Leisure seekers can indulge in the garden cinema room for movie nights or unwind in the garden bar or garden pub. The man cave shed offers a personal retreat, while the shed presents a peaceful haven. Fitness enthusiasts can set up a garden gym, and relaxation lovers can rejuvenate in a garden spa or hot tub garden room.

For families, the garden playroom keeps children entertained, and the garden guest room ensures a unique stay for visitors. From workshops to hobby rooms, prefab garden rooms are adaptable, turning dreams into reality with style and convenience. You can read more about the many possibilities that open with a garden room in a blog post in which we expand on the ideas shared above.

Why Choose a Lidget Compton Garden Room

Lidget Compton garden rooms are totally maintenance free with White PVCu doors, windows and frames. That means you don’t have to spend time treating and painting. A simple wipe down with soapy water is all the maintenance they need!

Each garden room is supplied as standard as an Apex roof building. However, we also have a range of pent canopy roof garden buildings finished in our maintenance free pvc timber effect cladding. There are also a host of ways to tailor the building to your requirements. From changing the roof colour on apex models, to upgrading to an Apex 15 or Apex 20 style the choices are vast. Enhance the appearance of your Concrete Garden Room and Building with our range of wall finishes. Choose from our patented sectional Brick or Stone finish to give you a sectional brick garden room. Or choose our site applied textured render finish or Garaclad, our timber effect textured PVCu cladding.

Decograin PVCu units add a level of sophistication, blending in with your property. The PVCu units can be used to provide a double aspect to your Prefab Garden Room. Ask your agent how to line and insulate your building using our lining clip options. They may well be able to offer the service direct.

With more and more people now working from home a Lidget Compton building could be the perfect garden office room to suit your needs.


The Lidget Design & Build service ensures that if you don’t see what you want, we can design it for you – Speak to your local agent.


Apex models: 8′ (2.44m) – 14′ (4.27m)    Pent models: 8′ (2.44m) – 12′ (3.65m)


Apex models: 8′ (2.44m) – 12′ (3.66m)   Pent models: 8′ (2.44m) – 16′ (4.88m)


6′ 6″ (1.98m) (standard) and 7′ 6″ (2.29)

Key features

  • Maintenance Free
  • Full height, glazed PVCu double glazed units
  • Coloured roofs on apex models to blend into your garden
  • Won’t need treatment
  • Unique Wall Finishes, Brick, Stone or Textured as well as Spar


The following are supplied as standard. More Bespoke Options are available.

Wall finish:

Thicker concrete steel reinforced panels with Spar finish on apex models, pvc cladding on pent models.

Front elevation:

Spar on apex models, pvc cladding on pent models

Main door:

White PVCu patio double door, two white PVCu full height glazed units.


Apex:12.5° pitch roof with Terracotta fibre cement roof sheets (with a choice of a further 4 colours), eaves filler.

Apex 15: 15° pitch roof with Bold Roll fibre cement roof sheets in terracotta, eaves filler.

Apex 20: Traditionally constructed 20° pitch fully lined roof with Metrotile Galvanised steel pantile roof tiles in a choice of 6 colours.

        Pent: galvanised steel roof sheets mounted on galvanised steel c-section rafters.

Fascias and vergeboards:

White PVCu on apex models.


White PVCu gutters to both sides on apex models, rear only on pent models.


For the full range of PVCu units, sizes and prices ask your Agent.

Hormann Garage Doors

LidgetCompton – Your Garage, How You Want It

We build everything ourselves, using the best materials available, so we have the flexibility to tailor your garage to suit your needs exactly.

Want your building to look special? No problem.

Need a personnel door or a window? No problem.
Need extra height for your van, or extra storage space? No problem.

You can also choose from a wide selection of materials and colours, so your garage will match your existing house or surroundings.

Take a look at our Customisation Options

The LidgetCompton 10 Year Guarantee

It isn’t a hard decision, we make the best concrete garages in the UK, our costs are rock solid, and if your garage is not still standing within 10 years, we’ll rebuild it for you.

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