Pent at a glance…

Probably the most popular range in the UK, the Pent range represents excellent value for money.

Our building design, with our unique flexibility, ensures that your Pent garage will be the right choice for a cost effective building.

Adding one of our Special Package Offers saves even more money and gives you a better looking building. Choose from Maintenance Free (MF) or Premium Options (PO).

Key Features

  • Our best value garage
  • The most flexible range
  • Adds value to your home
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Shed and workshop option
  • Brick and Stone Wall Finish

Best value for money

Single and double garages, widths up to 26, lengths to 32, heights from 6'6 to 13', a massive choice of doors, coloured roofs, security options etc

The Pent range utilises galvanised steel roof sheets, with GrafoTherm anticondensation treatment to prevent condensation. The strength and long life of steel, combined with the GrafoTherm, makes the Pent garage roof the best on the market. Galvanised steel C section rafters complete possible the best design available.

As with all of our buildings, Special Package Offers are available which combine our most popular option choices and save you money.


The Pent garage is perhaps the most flexible - our range of Bespoke Options has the largest choice of options for you to create the building that is exactly right for you.

The range of sizes available ensure that you can find soemthing to fit your needs - if not, simply look at our Design&Build service, and we can build the building that is right for you.

Maintenance Free - PVCu options

No more rubbing down timber, No more painting, balancing on stepladders! simply specify PVCu options - a simple wipe down is all that is necessary to keep the PVCu looking good. 

Not just white, we also provided Decograin in Light Oak and Rosewood, to add to your building's kerb appeal.

Windows and fascias, Personnel doors and gutters - all can be specified in Maintenance Free PVCU, and you can SAVE MONEY!

Why not contact us about the MAINTENANCE FREE Special Package Options, and ask him how you can save.

Strongest design

LidgetCompton buildings utilise the strongest concrete panels in the business, thus guaranteeing a longer life.

Our ten year structural guarantee ensures your building continues to give good service and gives you peace of mind into the bargain!

Hormann Garage Doors

LidgetCompton – Your Garage, How You Want It

We build everything ourselves, using the best materials available, so we have the flexibility to tailor your garage to suit your needs exactly.

Want your building to look special? No problem.

Need a personnel door or a window? No problem.
Need extra height for your van, or extra storage space? No problem.

You can also choose from a wide selection of materials and colours, so your garage will match your existing house or surroundings.

Take a look at our Customisation Options

The LidgetCompton 10 Year Guarantee

It isn’t a hard decision, we make the best concrete garages in the UK, our costs are rock solid, and if your garage is not still standing within 10 years, we’ll rebuild it for you.

That’s the LidgetCompton Guarantee

See here for the guarantee conditions